3 Ways To Put A Tree To Use After It's Cut Down

If you're having trees cut down in your garden, then you may be surprised by the amount of wood and green waste that you'll be left with. It's possible that the tree service contractors will be able to take it away with them, but it's also possible for you to make use of it all. Here are three ideas that will help you utilise the tree to the advantage of your home and garden.

1. Compost the green waste

Instead of sending your green waste of to become landfill, you can compost it instead. As the green waste breaks down, it becomes a highly nutritional pulp which can be used to fertilise your garden beds and lawn. If you already have a compost pile for your household waste, it's best to keep the green waste in a separate compost pile because of the differing rates of decomposition.

The easiest way to create a green waste compost pile is to use treated pine sleepers to build a rectangular shape box without a lid. Sleepers are heavy and sturdy, so you can build a freestanding containment area for your compost that will be held up by the sheer mass of the sleepers. No hammering or sawing will be necessary. Many tree service contractors can supply you with treated pine sleepers, so you can organise for them to be delivered at the same time as your trees are cut down.

2. Chip the small branches

Most tree service contractors will have their own portable wood chipping machine that they can bring on site. This means that small branches and twigs that are too big to compost can be turned into woodchips.

Woodchips are great for your garden and work very well as an attractive mulch for garden beds. If you like to barbeque you can also use the woodchips to turn your barbecue into a smokehouse.

3. Boost your firewood supply

If you have a wood fired heater, barbecue, or pizza oven then having trees chopped down is a great opportunity to boost your firewood supply. Even if you enjoy chopping your firewood yourself, it's best to ask your tree service contractor to cut it into manageable pieces with their chainsaw.

Unlike firewood bought from a supplier, the wood from your felled tree will need to be seasoned, or dried out, thoroughly before you can use it. This can take from six to twelve months depending on the climate in your area and the conditions that you store the wood in.

It is often a difficult decision to fell a majestic and beautiful tree, even if it's necessary for safety or practical reasons. By putting the above ideas into practice, you can mitigate the loss of the tree by putting all of its elements to good use in your home and garden.

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