Tree Service: 3 Tips on How to Successfully Plant a Tree

If your garden looks a little bare, the best time to introduce a new tree is early spring. Trees can provide you with delicious fruits to enjoy when they are mature, a canopy to rest under and a decorative effect for your yard. If you don't have a lot of experience planting trees, consider starting off with an advanced tree of a 45 litre to 100 litre size, as they have some height and a stable trunk. Here are 3 highly recommended tips for successfully planting new trees.

Loosen Up the Soil to Prevent Glazing

If your yard is made up of poorly drained clay soil, you will need to be particularly careful to prevent glazing. When digging up a hole to plant the tree, the sides and bottom of the hole may smooth over due to the characteristics of the clay. This forms a barrier that prevents water from passing through. After digging up the hole, loosen up the soil by dragging the tips of a fork along the sides and bottom to break up the barrier.

You can also reduce the chances of water pooling in the planting zone by raising up the bottom of the hole. This will encourage water to disperse evenly.

Avoid Digging a Hole that Is Too Deep or Too Narrow

One of the biggest mistakes that most homeowners make when digging up a hole is making the hole too deep or too narrow. If the hole is too deep, the roots will have insufficient access to oxygen. This may cause the roots to either suffocate or be unable to obtain the nutrients needed for proper growth. On the other hand, a hole that is too narrow will not allow the root to expand properly to anchor the tree down. This makes the tree a lot more vulnerable to environmental elements.

When planting a new tree, measure the size of the root ball. Your hole should be 2 to 3 times the width of the root ball or container for the roots to be able to expand and grow.

Be Careful Not to Compress Back Fill Soil

Once the tree has been planted, it's time to fill in that hole. Make sure that you do not compress back fill soil because this will prevent water from being able to reach the roots of the tree. Compressing back fill soil may also prevent the roots from expanding and growing.


With Australia's climate, plenty of different types and species of trees will easily flourish in your backyard without requiring a lot of maintenance. Make sure you spend the time to choose a tree that will fulfill your expectations and needs, and make sure to spend time learning the right techniques on how to plant a tree properly. If you are nervous or just don't want to deal with it, there are plenty of tree services available that can do the job for you.