Pros and Cons of Tree Lopping

As a home owner, you may have a good reason to use tree lopping services. Your reasons may vary from decorative purposes, health or for safety purposes. Lopping is a process that involves trimming various parts of a tree. You may try lopping if you're looking to reshape or limit the height of your tree. This article seeks to point out the pros and cons of tree lopping.


Enhance the beauty of your topography

You might want to lop your tree to suit the topography of your home. Lopping is very efficient when it comes to shaping and managing the height of your tree. It also reduces cluttering of your yard in cases where the tree sheds a lot of leaves. Lopping your tree gets rid of unwanted branches and reduced leave shedding hence enhancing the beauty of your topography.

Well-built branch structures of your tree

Lopping a young tree result to a well-built branch structure. The removal of the unwanted branches enhances the growth of your tree. Appropriate lopping makes the foundation of your tree stronger and its form more attractive, and it restores and sustains production.

Safety purposes

Lopping the undergrowth of your tree ensures safety for those around it. Falling branches can result into serious injuries and also cause a lot of damage to the roofing of your house. To improve safety in your homestead, it is important to lop the loose branches as soon as you see them.


Stresses your tree

Lopping involves cutting away significant parts of your tree. Under such a significant stress, your tree lacks enough foliage to create food and energy. As a result, lopping introduces the generation of vigorous, unstable growth patterns. Such a response is difficult to manage. The significant loss of leaves and branches may even lead to death of your tree if it fails to generate regrowth.

Temporary solution

Lopping is a temporary measure that requires ongoing work over the years. The immediate and noticeable results are very short-lived. Once you lop a tree, you'll often have to lop it again every few years to control and manage the unstable growth. The temporary nature of tree lopping also makes it a very expensive considering you'll have to repeat the process more often.

Although lopping has its disadvantages it is very efficient method when you don't want remove a tree completely but you need to shape it.