Tree Felling Vs Tree Lopping: Which Should You Choose?

Tree felling entails having the tree cut and removed from your premises (and probably the stump too). Tree lopping is all about scaling the tree down in terms of size while removing most of the branches. Both of these tree services are commonly offered and may be suitable for you. In this article, find out which service is best for your tree.


Cost is one of the main areas of concern for clients when seeking tree removal services. Between the two services, tree felling is likely to cost more. This is because it generally requires more work. With tree felling, the entire tree is brought down in structured pieces. Plus, the stump may have to be ground out as well. With tree lopping, not all the tree is removed. Tree felling, therefore, demands more work, more time, and bears more risk hence the likelihood of costing more.

Environmental friendliness

Tree lopping and tree felling can also be compared on the basis of environmental friendliness. That is, which one is better for the environment? Here, tree lopping takes an upper hand for one main reason only; lopping does not require removal of the entire tree. This is unlike tree felling which basically means the end of that tree's life. Tree lopping is, therefore, better for the environment.

Tree welfare

Tree felling and lopping can also be compared on the basis of which is better for the tree. The answer here is dependent on what the reasons for seeking tree removal are. Tree felling and tree lopping are ideal under specific circumstances and your tree removalist can brief you on this. Lopping is ideal where parts of the tree are damaged or infected and could spread to rest of the areas. Felling is best where the tree is already compromised by pests, has rotten or is at risk of falling due to damage or old age.


Which one provides better aesthetics for your home? Again, this too is dependent on the exact state of the tree. If the tree is leaning over and showing signs of falling or is severely damaged, a complete felling is better because the tree is beyond rehabilitation. However, if it's the case of a tree that is overgrown or has partially damaged/infected branches then lopping provides a chance to reshape and maintain a good-looking tree in your compound.

So basically, if the tree is not a dire threat, lopping is the better option. However, if the tree in its entirety is a danger to you or itself then felling is better. Talk to your arborist for specialised advice on the specific issue you have at hand.