Don't Forget to Yell Timber! Why Tree Removal is Harder than It Looks

If there is a tree in your yard that you'd like to remove, think twice before tackling the job yourself. That is, unless you have considerable experience with tree removal. If not done correctly, the tree could fall onto your property, or that of your neighbor. Worse still, it could seriously injure somebody.

Before you grab your axe or chainsaw from the shed, ask yourself if you have adequately dealt with the following areas.

A Falling Tree Needs Space

Is there enough space for the tree to fall into once you have cut it down? If not, how do you plan to approach the task? Cutting down a tree when there is no room for it to fall without causing damage to the surrounding area is obviously a bad move.

However, while you may not be able to attempt the job without putting yourself and others at risk, a professional tree removal expert can. Using ropes, harnesses and a crane, they can cut the tree from the top, section by section. The crane operator then removes those sections so that they don't pose a risk anyone on the ground.

Falling Trees Need to Be Directed

If there is space for the tree to fall into once you have cut it down, are you sure that you know the correct techniques to do so? Even if you were to learn the correct cutting technique from a book, that still does not make you qualified to remove a tree safely. There are other factors to consider.

For instance, if a tree is slightly crooked, that will affect the direction that it falls in. Similarly, more branches on one side of a tree means that it will be heavier on that side. Once again, this will affect the tree's fall direction. Moreover, if there are any trees or power lines nearby, are you sure that your tree won't fall and strike them?

Hiring a Professional Guarantees Success

Although it is more expensive, considerably so, hiring a professional is worth it. Just imagine what you might have to pay out should your tree damage yours or your neighbour's property. You could also face punishment from your local council if you cut a tree down without first clearing it with them.

Hiring a tree service means that they can obtain the necessary permit for you if your council requires one.

It may look easy to remove a tree while it is still standing, but once it falls, unless you have the right training, you'll be relying on gravity and good fortune. Hire a reputable tree lopper service to do the job for you. Doing so could prevent you from making a costly mistake.