Two scenarios in which removing a tree from your garden could save you money

There are several scenarios in which hiring one of your local tree removalists to cut down a tree in your garden could potentially save you money. Carry on reading to discover what these scenarios are.

A severe cyclone is expected to occur in your area in the near future

If a severe cyclone (i.e. a category four or five cyclone) is expected to occur in your local area in the near future, then it's worth having the tree in your garden felled before the winds start to pick up speed.

The reason for this as follows; a severe cyclone can uproot large trees and, in doing so, cause them to tip over. If this happens to the tree on your property, and it is located close to your house, it could hit your roof, in which case the roof could collapse under the weight of the heavy trunk and branches.

If your roof sustains this kind of damage during the cyclone, you won't be able to have it repaired until the winds subside. In the meantime, any rain that occurs will fall into the open hole in your roof and drench the loft area and any structural timber (specifically, the trusses and floor joists) in this part of the property.

In this scenario, not only would you have to pay to repair the collapsed roof but you would also have to incur the cost of replacing any water-damaged structural components, as well as any carpeting and plastering in the loft of your home. This would most likely set you back several thousand dollars.

As such, if the weather forecasters have been predicting a cyclone, you should consider contacting a tree removalist and having them fell the tree on your property.

You are planning to install a concrete patio in your garden

If you intend to install a concrete patio in your garden and there is a tree positioned a few feet away from the area where the patio will be located, then it may be worth cutting down this tree.

The reason for this is as follows; the roots of a typical tree will grow several feet outwards, away from the tree's trunk. If the roots grow below your new patio, the pressure they inflict on the concrete above them as they grow may cause that concrete to buckle and crack.

This will not only negatively impact the appearance of your new patio but may also make it hazardous to use, as the bulging patches of concrete may increase the likelihood of you or your family members tripping when you walk over the patio's surface.

In this scenario, you would have to pay to have the broken patches of concrete repaired and cut down the tree to prevent further damage from occurring.

In short, cutting down the tree before you install the patio could spare you the cost of repairing that patio in just a few months' time.