3 Garden Makeover Ideas That Will Attract Native Bird Life

Gardens are an important space in many Australian homes. They're often seen as an extension of internal living space and provide a lush, green oasis to relax and spend time in. if you're in the process of giving your garden a makeover, there are other things to consider apart from how it looks.

Creating a garden that attracts native bird life is one of these considerations. As well as helping to rid your garden of insect pests, birds help to make your garden a lively and dynamic natural space. If you'd like to attract more native birdlife to your garden, here are three ideas to consider during the makeover process.

1. Flowering natives

An excellent way to bring more native birds into your garden is to provide them with their natural diet and habitat. Flowering natives provide both of these attributes and will encourage a wide range of bird species to frequent your garden. As well as attracting birds, flowering natives provide year-round greenery, have beautiful flowers and are easy to care for.

Trees such as Banksia and Callistemon are both attractive flowering natives that birds love to spend time in. You can get them from your local landscape tree suppliers. They also have beautiful, bright flowers and are tolerant to periods of dry and hot weather. Architectural natives, such as Bird of Paradise and Kangaroo Paw both provide vibrant flowers that are visually attractive to birds.

2. Dense shrubbery

As well as seeing plants as a potential food source, birds also use them as shelter. They build their nests in them, use them to take cover from inclement weather and find safety in them from native and domestic predators. Including dense shrubbery in your garden is a great way to ensure that your bird visitors have adequate protection.

Native shrubs are the best choice for both birds and your garden. Because they're evergreen, you won't have bare, patchy spaces in your garden during winter. Shrubs such as Grevillea, Westringea and Correa are all hardy and attractive shrubs that provide dense cover for native birds.

3. A water source

Another way to make sure that your garden is an appealing environment for birds is to provide a water source that they can access. This is particularly important during periods of hot weather and times when low rainfall means there is a lack of natural water sources available to birds.

You can opt for a traditional birdbath, which is appealing to birds because it keeps them up high and away from ground level predators. A small pond or even a barrel that collects rainwater will also work. Whichever water source you choose to provide, make sure you keep it clean and free from debris and dirt.