Purchasing insurance coverage for your trees: Is it worth it?

Homeowners rely on insurance coverage for many different reasons. Auto insurance protects you against damages you would otherwise incur after an accident. Homeowner's insurance protects your home against floods, fire and other types of damage. But did you know that you could also purchase insurance coverage for your trees?

Indeed, such a policy can protect trees on your property against damages. You may also enjoy maintenance services such as pruning and landscaping as part of the actual policy.  

What insurance coverage for trees looks like

An insurance policy that covers your trees is different from your homeowner's policy. Most homeowner's insurance providers don't provide coverage for tree care. This means that you won't receive any compensation for replacing or caring for your trees, shrubs and lawn. However, your homeowner's policy may cover damages caused by a fallen tree. If a tree in your premises were to fall and damage your roof, the policy will compensate you for damages incurred on your roof.

However, no compensation will be provided for handling the actual tree. And this is where insurance coverage for tree care comes in. Such a policy is specifically meant to cover your vegetation from damage. If the tree falls, becomes infected by disease or needs to be removed, the policy will cover the cost of such services on your property.

Purchasing this coverage option makes sense in many different circumstances. For example, many homeowner policies only cover the cost of damage caused by a tree falling on your property. However, they don't cover the additional expenses you would incur to remove the actual tree. And if your tree caused damages as a result of negligence (such as failing to prune dangerous branches), your homeowner's policy might refuse to provide any compensation for such damages.

Insurance coverage for nearby trees also allows you to save in maintenance costs and enjoy more extensive coverage options.        

What the benefits are of insurance coverage for trees

You may be wondering why insurance coverage for trees makes sense. Is it the right option for your premises? If you have many trees on your property, such coverage is a good option to consider. In exchange for a monthly premium, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Coverage against tree damage

If your tree was to fall and cause damage to nearby structures, this policy will cover tree removal costs, damage to your landscape and the cost of tree replacement. The policy works well when combined with most homeowner's insurance policies.

Save on maintenance costs

You will also get coverage for tree pruning, removal and maintenance expenses.

Landscape servicing

Landscaping work is also sometimes covered under such policies.

For more information, contact local arborists.