Purchasing insurance coverage for your trees: Is it worth it?

Homeowners rely on insurance coverage for many different reasons. Auto insurance protects you against damages you would otherwise incur after an accident. Homeowner's insurance protects your home against floods, fire and other types of damage. But did you know that you could also purchase insurance coverage for your trees? Indeed, such a policy can protect trees on your property against damages. You may also enjoy maintenance services such as pruning and landscaping as part of the actual policy.

3 Garden Makeover Ideas That Will Attract Native Bird Life

Gardens are an important space in many Australian homes. They're often seen as an extension of internal living space and provide a lush, green oasis to relax and spend time in. if you're in the process of giving your garden a makeover, there are other things to consider apart from how it looks. Creating a garden that attracts native bird life is one of these considerations. As well as helping to rid your garden of insect pests, birds help to make your garden a lively and dynamic natural space.

2 reasons why you may end up having to remove a tree if you add a swing to it

Whilst a swing can be a fun addition to a garden, adding this feature to one of your trees could potentially leave you in need of the help of a tree removal professional. Read on to find out why. 1. The swing could destabilise the tree Adding a swing to a tree could destabilise it to the point where you might eventually have to get it cut down. The reason for this is as follows; the roots of a tree are what help to keep it upright and stable.

Two scenarios in which removing a tree from your garden could save you money

There are several scenarios in which hiring one of your local tree removalists to cut down a tree in your garden could potentially save you money. Carry on reading to discover what these scenarios are. A severe cyclone is expected to occur in your area in the near future If a severe cyclone (i.e. a category four or five cyclone) is expected to occur in your local area in the near future, then it's worth having the tree in your garden felled before the winds start to pick up speed.

Don't Forget to Yell Timber! Why Tree Removal is Harder than It Looks

If there is a tree in your yard that you'd like to remove, think twice before tackling the job yourself. That is, unless you have considerable experience with tree removal. If not done correctly, the tree could fall onto your property, or that of your neighbor. Worse still, it could seriously injure somebody. Before you grab your axe or chainsaw from the shed, ask yourself if you have adequately dealt with the following areas.