3 Garden Makeover Ideas That Will Attract Native Bird Life

Gardens are an important space in many Australian homes. They're often seen as an extension of internal living space and provide a lush, green oasis to relax and spend time in. if you're in the process of giving your garden a makeover, there are other things to consider apart from how it looks. Creating a garden that attracts native bird life is one of these considerations. As well as helping to rid your garden of insect pests, birds help to make your garden a lively and dynamic natural space.

2 reasons why you may end up having to remove a tree if you add a swing to it

Whilst a swing can be a fun addition to a garden, adding this feature to one of your trees could potentially leave you in need of the help of a tree removal professional. Read on to find out why. 1. The swing could destabilise the tree Adding a swing to a tree could destabilise it to the point where you might eventually have to get it cut down. The reason for this is as follows; the roots of a tree are what help to keep it upright and stable.