Look Out Below: Five Safety Essentials for Assistants on the Ground Helping DIY Tree Loppers

If you love to climb trees and are skilled with a chainsaw, tree lopping may be relatively easy for you. While you are high in your tree, however, you need to take precautions to make sure anyone who is helping you is safe below. Here are five essentials that can help with safety on the ground: 1. Eye protection Just as eye protection can be useful while you are doing tree lopping, it can also be useful if you or an assistant is down below.

Starting Out as a Tree Surgeon

If you enjoy being outdoors in all weathers, and have a good head for heights, then tree surgery could be a great career path for you. You'll spend your time carrying out rewarding and challenging work, whilst suspended in the air wielding chainsaws and other great pieces of equipment. If the idea of being paid for doing this sounds like a great way to make a living, read on to find out what you need to do to get started.

Tree Service: 3 Tips on How to Successfully Plant a Tree

If your garden looks a little bare, the best time to introduce a new tree is early spring. Trees can provide you with delicious fruits to enjoy when they are mature, a canopy to rest under and a decorative effect for your yard. If you don't have a lot of experience planting trees, consider starting off with an advanced tree of a 45 litre to 100 litre size, as they have some height and a stable trunk.

3 Ways To Put A Tree To Use After It's Cut Down

If you're having trees cut down in your garden, then you may be surprised by the amount of wood and green waste that you'll be left with. It's possible that the tree service contractors will be able to take it away with them, but it's also possible for you to make use of it all. Here are three ideas that will help you utilise the tree to the advantage of your home and garden.

4 Signs That Hint About The Right Time to Cut Down ATree

The importance of trees cannot be underestimated. Trees add beauty to a home, provide shade, hold soil and help in keeping the air clean. Despite all this good, there comes a time when you have to cut down your tree due to one reason or another. But when exactly is the right time? 1. When the Tree is Leaning A leaning tree can lead to destruction of property and loss of lives.